Nuki pro 3 vs 4 ...real differences?

ok, so I bought the Nuki 3 pro around 3 weeks ago, just to receive the news about the version 4 pro.
Apart from the lovely upgrade offer which would make the investment in this to double in the amount of money spent, main question is: at its core, apart from all marketing bs, what are the real differences between the two models? these devices are not the type of things that should be update as a phone or something similar, they would be build to last at least 10 years, or more, like a regular lock.

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I compared my Nuki Smart Lock Pro 3.0 with a Nuki Smart Lock 4.0. I noticed a significant noise reduction from the motor immediately.
However, The Matter activation was hard to do and had to try 5 times until I could activate it. Plus, I had severe issues between the 4.0 and my Door Sensor.
So my recommendation would be either to pass this update or take the Smart Lock Pro 4.0 with Wi-fi hoping it has a better connection to the door sensor.

Same situation and worst of all, Nuki does not give you the option to upgrade your new Nuki 3.0 Pro to Nuki 4.0 Pro.

Because it forces you to buy the keyboard which I already have.

If you want to access the offer you can not if you do not pay for another keyboard :man_facepalming:t2:

It only lets you upgrade to the normal version but not from a Pro to a Pro.

It’s quite weird and unfair!