Nuki opens door after unlocking the phone

Hi together,

this happened the first time so im thinking there is something with iOS15.
I opened to door with my keypad at 1:18 at night because auto-unlock didn’t work.
I locked Nuki over Alexa at 1:38 with a routine.
After I get up in the morning (still in bed and didn’t leave the house while I’m sleeping :wink: ) I unlocked my iPhone at 9:36 and Nuki opened the door directly by auto-unlock.

iPhone 12
FW 2.11.8
App 2.10 (2129)


IOS15 seems to have some unpleasant side effects with Nuki.
For me, I could not control Nuki via my Apple Watch (WatchOS8).
This got just better when I upgraded my iPhone to 15.0.1

We’re looking into both issues.

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