Nuki opening remotely

Hi Dear Nuki developers,
It Is already the 3rd time that my Nuki gets opened remotely accidentally. It made travel back home urgently just to close the door again.

I would love when the app is smart enough to detect that the opening is getting executed remotely and a confirmation message is required before executing any command.
Will this be a possibility in the near future?
Thanks in advance

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My App actualy warn me and ask me again if I’m unlocking door from remote location!
Did you Approved location perrmissions for Nuki App?

Yes, the App should warn you if you are >1 km away from the device (and it can get location to check this).

Yes, I can approve that the current app has this warning included.
Edgar, if you often have this problem you should even think if you really need a remote opening and restrict yourself to local opening (via bluetooth) only. Then you do not have the problem.
If you ever need a (emergency) remote opening you can do this also with the browser and NUKI web.

But something else. With the new warning I have a problem:
Unfortunately if I am in front of my door but the Bluetooth connection is not made immediately, I also get this warning a lot of times.
Are the problems with the GPS geofence (not recognizing that I am within the defined 50m range) a problem of the iOS or is this a flaw in the Nuki app. I was never more than 5 meters away from the lock (and the defined lock location) and received this warning.

It’s iOS that is late in recognizing your position. For the “ask when away” feature the Nuki App can only wait for ~2s until iOS sends a location that is closer than ~1000m from your lock. If no closer location is delivered the App shows the pop-up. Similarly the geofence for the Auto-Unlock will be late in your case.

What you can do to improve it is something nobody knows because it’s iOS internal stuff. Keeping WIFI & BLE switched on, having a remaining batter percentage >20%, setting your home location (Private Adresse) in Apple maps are things that might help.

Jürgen, Thanks a lot for the detailed information and advise. Unfortunately WiFi and BLE are always on and I also have set my home location.
So it is as it is: Apple iOS is not reporting the GPS Geofence triggers (leaving/entering) in time.

I’ve never seen this warning on Android, at least not if location services are turned off.

Maybe the warning would be a good idea if you are more than 1km away (as it is now) AND a warning if it could not determine the actual location? (=location services are off)

Lucky you, i’m not even able to open it remotely and/or to invite users