Nuki Opener x Siedle HTA-811

Hello everyone,

Ive vor Problems With my Opener. I have a Siedle HTA-811 0 and it worked well for about 3 month but now if i wanna open the door via Opener it opens, and then the opening mechanism at the door takes so much energy and opens really loud. Only if I take of the Current of fuse it will be able to stop.

If I use the normal way to open the door ( the push button on Siedle ) it works normally. I changed nothing, but I even don’t know why this happened.

At one day everything’s fine, at the other day comes this problem until today!

I’ve resetted the nuki opener. Nothing.
I’ve reconnected everything. Nothing.

Don’t know what to do…


Same here. Some news?

Hi! This sounds as there where a resistor over powered and has given up after a time!? Can you measure the voltage, because if its a resistor, it would be possible to replace the faulty or just placing a new one (a bit stronger) in the same line!