Nuki opener working with Fermax 9445 and possibly with any digital intercom

Hi all, after doing some continuity and voltage measuring I’ve managed to find a way to have the NUKI opener working with digital Fermax 9445 and possibly with any digital intercom.
Please find the procedure I use to open the door remotely:

  • Push the button from the main intercom (outside the house) referent to your door (FERMAX will turn ON and will have available around 3V at the terminals where I connected the wires. Just used the blue and purple wires);
  • Push the button at Nuki app to open the door (This will close the circuit at the terminals simulating the same as you push manually the “key button” on the intercom inside the house);
    I’ve created a video ( ) with all photos of what I’ve done and hope it is clear.
    I’m happy to clarify any step.
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Hi, did this work for you? I understand that it allows you to open the door remotely with your mobile (having the bridge).

I have the same fermax model, and I’m thinking of trying it out.


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Hi Oscar,

Yes is still working, I didn’t had any issues with it.

The wiring to the switch is a volt free contact to allow the Fermax open the door remotely.

This will work after someone buz the door bell and Fermax turned ON.

Is you need further assistance, please let me know.

Best regards,

Nuno Afonso

Hi Oscar,

how do you set up in the App the first time?



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Hi Manuel,

I have the opener connected to the bridge and didn’t make any changes to the settings.

Those connections I’ve done were just to open the door remotely when the FERMAX is active (someone rings the doorbell), when someone rings the doorbell I don’t have any notification on my opener.

It might be possible with the other wires on the Opener, to do an additional connection to get the notification when someone rings the door.

This connection when pressing “Ring to Open” on your app, will close the contact on the microswitch on the FERMAX, but if the FERMAX is not active, will do nothing.

Best regards,
Nuno Afonso

Thank you so much for the effort Nuno.

Maybe the point now is to find how to make the Nuki detect the ring.

I’m trying to connect it to an Auta Compact Digital, maybe that wires will help me at least to open from the app.

Hi! Have the intercom a speaker what makes the ring sound? Because if yes, you can use one of the speaker cables, to detect ringing!

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Hi g0day, thank you for your message, and apologies fo the delay in my reply, didn’t see tye message in my email.
Yes, I have this in a house abroad and I’m not going there often but hopefully, next time will go there I will try to do some experiments.
Trie it, as these wires are from a dry contact so no voltage on those wires, and let me know if is working.
I had a bug last time replacing the batteries and had to do the configuration again and forgot to add o this post configuration that I used from the Nuki list which was the Fermax 94120b despite I’m having a Fermax 9445.

Hi Rose, thank you for your message.
Yes it has…yes it might be possible, the next step I’m trying to do is to turn the Intercom active via the opener app to be able to open the door remotely without the need to ring the bell.

Hi! Any further news on Nuki integration with Fermax Digital please?

Hi Nuno,

My question will be the next:

I will just weld the blue and purple to the bottom of the door.

But on the app, which model should I choose for setting up the device?



The Intercom settings used on this configuration were the Fermax 94120b

Best regards,
Nuno Afonso