Nuki Opener 'working', but signal is not unlocking doorstrike. Would a solid state relay solve it?

I have a 4-wire intercom that seems to be working in that I can hear a sound at the front door with ‘ring to open’ and when I use the app. The problem is the doorstrike is not releasing.

Pushing the ‘door’ button closes the number 2 & 3 circuit (as does just touching the two wires) which creates an adequate signal to trigger the doorstrike to open. It seems that whatever signal is coming from the ‘blue wire’ of the Nuki Opener is not adequate or is incompatible with my system.

I know nothing about electronics but I have a few questions:

  1. Has anyone successfully found a simple relay that can be triggered by the Nuki Opener ‘blue wire’ to jump the number 2 & 3 wires. If so, where can I find such a relay and how do I set it up? Would something like this work?
  2. Does the signal from the the Nuki Opener blue wire need to be amplified in order for it to work?
  3. I’ve only hooked up the purple (ground), blue (key), yellow (ring) and green wires on the Nuki Opener. Does that make a difference on what signal is produced by the blue wire?

Thanks so much!

Is this the same problem as in this post? If so, are there steps I should take prior to requesting a replacement?