Nuki Opener with TCS IVW5111-0145

Hi there,
in our House there is an existing TCS Door Opening System, Model IVW5111-0145.
I got it that TCS is no longer officially supported, but i’m hoping that there is a chance to install it to Nuki Opener as generic System?

I found these Pics from the Wiring:

Example for the wired System can be found here:

Has anybody already installed the Nuki Opener to this System?

Thanks in Advance and best regards

Try with this guide. As it is written in the manual, I would try first with basic setup.

Hi Bjoern,

I have the opener running on the TCS IVW5111-0145. Like Igor said, you can use the wiring shown in the app.
If you want to use the ring to open function, you have to set the delay to 3 seconds. As long as the ring tone is played the bus is busy and will not recognise the opener event.

there is no wiring setup in app anymore. Nuki removed the support for TCS devices. I am not sure that the problem is wiring. I think that maybe a possible problem is in the app as you cannot select bus system anymore. You have to choose the generic and then it is up to app to recognise the bus system.

Hi pelle!
You mean the wiring in the PDF linked by Igor?
Because in the App there is no more Support for TCS Systems.

Or did you use the generic installation?
If so: generic analog or generic bus?

Could you maybe show a photo of your wiring?

Anyway, thanks to you and Igor for your Answers.

Best regards

Just to leave a note here for all future visitors.
The Nuki Opener works quite well with the TCS IVW5111-0145 and here is how to do it.

Connect the Wires as follows

On the TCS IVW5111-0145 side:

  • Port ‘a’ connect the Orange and Green wire coming from the Nuki Opener
  • Port ‘b’ connect to the original cable coming from the Wall (blue in my case) + add the Black cable coming from the Nuki Opener

Coming from the Wall:

  • Connect the original ‘a’ input to the Red and Yellow wire of the Nuki data cable

To recap, and for easy checkin, confirm that the original input to ‘a’ from the wall now solely connects to Red and Yellow via the bridge clamp from Nuki. There is no direct connection from the wall to port ‘a’. The input to port ‘a’ comes as the Orange and Green wire from the Nuki data cable. Also the black cable from the Nuki data cable now feeds into port ‘b’ alongside the original ‘b’ cable.

Now run the Nuki Opener Wizard and select ‘Generic’ and ‘Generic (BUS)’ then follow the setup, it should work. In generall all features, including the ring detection work for me. I did not test the bell suppression as it was not relevant for me.

With greetings


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