Nuki Opener with STR HT2009/2 ALPHA


I would like to get the Nuki Opener to use with the STR HT2009/2 ALPHA phone system.

Unfortunately only the HT2009/2 and HT3009/2 ALPHA are in the compatibility list.

I have already asked the support about this, who forwarded this to the technical department.

But maybe by chance someone here has the same phone system and can say that the whole thing will work, and how the whole thing is connected.

Here is a picture of the connections.

Addendum: After the support wrote me 2 weeks ago that the Opener is connected in the same way as the HT3009/2 ALPHA, I have now been using the Opener for 1.5 weeks, and so far no problems at all.

Could you post a picture of how you wired it up?
I have the 2009/2 Alpha as well, I followed the Instructions for the 3009/2 Alpha but no luck.

I don’t think the photo will help you much more than the Nuki instructions, but here.

Thanks, that did help!
Apparently there are at least two ways how the HT2009/2 Alpha can be wired to the door. One being your setup with a separate cable for the ringer and in that case you follow the Default instructions from Nuki. The other case is a more bare Setup with only Ports I, II and E connected, without a separate line for the ringer. In that case you have to follow the instructions specified for that case (Leaving out the Yellow cable and the clamp, Connect blue, Green, black to I, Connect red, orange, Purple to II, in addition to the existing cables)