Nuki Opener with SKS DS 2010 (with video)

Hi there,
I’ve seen some discussion from last year/beginning of this year regarding the integration of the opener with DS 2010 (with video). There was no solution posted for this one. Is there any update on it?

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I’ve the same question. i have read that update is supposed to bring compatibility.


Same question.

Hi there!

@Georg_S Sorry for ping, but maybe you have any news on this? Is it works as a generic intercom?

push. Any update on SKS DS 2010?

same question, would be awesome if you could bring compatibility to this one.

I think we can not expect anything soon - obviously nuki is either not willed to pay for the “secret” bus algorithm of SKS or sks is not willed to offer it for a reasonable price.

Right now my suggestion for anyone interested in using the opener
: buy a HT4600 (42€ right now) and plug it parallel to your existing intercom - it is easy to connect (just one pin needed to be soldered or glued) for the other ones you can use simple jumper wires with the black clamp (e.g. raspberry pi cables).

What you can expect to work

  • ring to open
  • open with the app after s.o. rang the bell

What will not work (at least not without change of wiring and cutting cables on your originaln intercom)

  • ring suppression (achievable with cutting the wire of the speaker - then only the nuki opener will make a sound and ring suppression will work)

Possible working some day:
You can connect the “mic” cable with the mic of the opener - so if one day a communication protocol is included it might work)

(Disclaimer: nothing guaranteed and no liability for any damage of your intercom :wink:

Any news on this? We have 3 neighbors that also habe a Nuki at their door. Any chance to get the DS2010 working with the opener?

I am still also looking for a solution here.
I cant use the workaround with the analogue ring detection, as I cannot find the opener on the PCB

anyone any tips, besides installing a HT4600 ?

hey undich,

I’m currently trying to connect the HT4600 as well. I can’t find the opener pin on the SKS PCB yet (for the blue Nuki cable). you dont have a photo of your connected PCB board by any chance so i can find out the right pin on my pcb? sorry to bother, i hope its not too much to ask :innocent: