Nuki Opener with shortcuts app (iOS)


I am trying to use Nuki Opener in Shortcuts with an nfc tag as a trigger. Since shortcuts are not supported in Nuki Opener I read a previous post about the possibility of doing it with “Get contents of url”.

Could someone provide a detailed example on how this could be done?


That’s not possible unfortunately. The Get content of URL action is only supported by the Smart lock

But there is an IFTT action " [Nuki Opener]-Open door" which does exactly that

Yeah use ifttt, - you can do really much with it, and also what you want, you just need a way to trigger ifttt over nfc, what should be possible with a webhook.

Our latest beta version has improved support for Shortcuts. Please follow this thread: APP UPDATE: Nuki iOS App 2024.2.1-Beta (Improved Shortcuts)