Nuki Opener with separate doorbell


I just installed a Nuki Opener. The door open function works perfectly, but on my Atea Nov 903 there is no ring cable connected to port 5.
Just above the intercom there is a separate doorbell which rings. i was wondering if it is possible to connect a seperate cable to that doorbell and connect that to the yellow cable of the Nuki Opener?

Obviously I don’t want to blow up my new opener :slightly_smiling_face: but I don’t really get what the difference would be?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Marnix,

I have the same question. External doorbell. I think I first will find out what the voltage is. Not sure what the Nuki Opener accepts as a maximum voltage. I believe around 3 volt is the thresshold.

Hopefully someone can point us the right way.

Tom Jansen

I have a very spartanic setup here and it works: Separate doorbell and a buzzer to open the front door. Pure analog setup. I did connect the opener to the doorbell and everything works (except bell suppression)

I still don’t know the voltage that is send to the ringer from the downstairs doorbell, but to the same ringer my own front door was sending 8V. That was enough info for me to just gamble. So I connected the yellow wire to the plus (red) of my ringer. And it works! I would still very much like to know the max voltage though so I can check that this won’t blow up the opener in a few weeks.

Check this link:

50 volts ac/dc is a maximum

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Thank you very much. 50V 2A should work on almost anything. I’m not worried at all then.

Problem solved on my part. Thanks.