Nuki Opener with Philips WelcomeEye Connect

Hi guys,

I’m trying to get the Opener somehow to work with this Philips WelcomeEye intercom system. It is just one doorbell on the oudside and it has a digital display/menu to go through things. This is how it is connected:

Because I couldn’t get it to work I though, I’ll try it just as an dooropener - this did not work for me. The lock has an mechanical memory meaning there is no electricity going through the lock to open until the (digital) button is pressed.

Does anyone any idea how I should connect or maybe a workaround for just using the dooropener functionality? If I’m close to the lock and it would open, that is just enough functionality for me if the other stuff is not doable with this lock/intercom.

Thanks in advance.

Just wanted to update this topic. I was able to solve this by adding a second transformer (8V) and using this just to short circuit the lock itself. Not the prettiest solution probably but it works perfectly for me.


Hola Antonio!
Podrias colgar como has conectado los cables del opener al Philips welcomeye?
Muchas gracias!

António, anyway you could help us, explaining how you did it? Just got to a new house and an opener on my last one and this new house has a welcomeeye. Would love to be able to get it to work.