Nuki Opener with Nuki Software Bridge

I bought a Nuki Opener and struggle to connect it to the Software Bridge. Please tell me that this is generally possible and I’m only too stupid? How to connect the Opener to the Software Bridge?


see Android bridge app mit Nuki opener

would just the Opener work with the Hardware Bridge - without Smart Lock?


I fully understand that you can’t guarantee it. But is there a realistic chance this happens in near future? In general the idea repurposing old android devices was a noteworthy, impressive idea and surely gave you a lot of credit in the “Maker” community -> tightly linked to home automation. Please make it happen; add this user-story … :slight_smile:

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I really dislike that the software bridge was discontinued. My hardware bridge just died (WLAN broken, as often reported in the forum) and it would have been a pleasure to use the software bridge as a temporary solution until my hardware bridge gets replaced.