NUKI Opener with Lupusec XT2

I have implemented a NUKI Door Opener (configurated for a garage door = simple switch) into the NUKi-App and everything works fine. FW = 1.7.3
The Opener is also connected to the bridge FW 2.11 and is seen in the Lupusec XT2 together with a SL 3.0.
The SL 3.0 works fine with XT2 but the Opener does not. It receives a signal from the XT2 (indicated by the LED) but the contact is not closed. There is only a confirmation message that the lock = opener was switched. Looks like a similar problem we had with the SL 3.0 …
Anyone with the same issue or idea?

Good news! The problem is solved.
One need to set the parameter of the Opener in the Lupusec XT2 Automation to: „Summerfunktion“ and not to „Aufschließen“.
Now the Opener works like the SL 3.0 together with the Lupusec XT2.