Nuki Opener with Gira AP and Türkommunikations- Tasterschnittstelle 2fach 121000 or Unterputz Schaltaktor 121100

Hello, everybody,

I have already read here that the opener is not compatible with the Gira system due to the encryption.

Would it be possible to connect the opener to the bell via the additional parts from Gira?

Unterputz Schaltaktor

Türkommunikations- Tasterschnittstelle 2fach:

These two authors decode the signal when I see it correctly.

If you see a way I’d like to try it on myself?

Thank you very much.

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Good morning and Happy New Year.

Need your advice as I am currently stuck, I’m trying to pass on the ringing signal from the Gira UP actuator to the Nuki opener but somehow the opener doesn’t react :frowning:

If I briefly bridge the purple cable (ground) and the ground cable (ring) with the multimeter that is set to pass, i.e. black tip to purple cable (ground) and red tip to green cable (ring), the opener will recognise this and ring.

I had previously connected the Xiaomi door contact to the Gira UP actuator as shown in the attached picture, which opened briefly without any problems when the doorbell rang at the front door and then closed again. But here the wiring was turned so that the contact sensor is displayed as closed.

At the opener I wired it up as follows:

Gira AP actuator grey cable (NO) to opener purple cable (ground) and the Gira AP actuator yellow cable (COM) with the opener green cable (ring)

Unfortunately the opener does not react here, I have tried a few other constellations without success so I hope you have an idea where my problem is or what is wrong.

I have updated the image above as I believe it is properly connected.

I’ve been trying it out for several hours now, but unfortunately I can’t get the opener to react to the signal from the Gira UP actuator.

The Gira UP actuator switches on when the doorbell rings, but the opener does not react.

I would be very happy if someone from the Nuki team could help me, as we can find a solution together to make the opener compatible with Gira.

Otherwise I have to send the opener back.

Thank you.

Can be closed.

Bell and door buzzer work.

Thanks for the great support @ Team Nuki :+1:


Hey can you share your setup?

I have the GIRA 1250. What bus do I have to order and what cables to I have to connect.

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Hi All, I wanted to order the Opener today but was disappointed when I found out its not compatible to my brand new Gira System 55.

Can you please give some more details on how you solved the issue, Nastra?

I understand that I have to order the Gira actuator (121100).

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yes please answer i know have this 121000 but I am stuck at the moment …

have you managed to solve this issue?


Could you please post your solution for connecting the Gira system. I‘m trying to connect the opener to my Gira system, but it doesn‘t work.

Thanks a lot,

Hi there,
would it be possible to share the setup, please?
I will also attempt to install the opener.

Best regards



Any chance you could share how you got your Gira AP successfully working with the Nuki Opener?

It looks like many people are keen to find out!
Myself included.

Hello together!

Same Problem here… Nastra wrote “thanks for the great support @ team Nuki” so maybe Nuki knows the answer? :woman_shrugging:t3:

It would be great if we can solve the problem … so many have the same answer and problem🙈

@Juergen @Team

Any ideas what @Nastra did?

He added the two parts mentioned in his first post to his installation and connected the Opener to it. With the help of the Nuki support he got everything up and running.

Problems is that if you live in a multi party building you can not add this two parts (Schaltaktor & Tasterschnittstelle) on your own as they require pairing and this can only be done by someone who has access to the main Gira hub in the building.

Hello everyone, sorry for the late reply. Yes, the opener with the Gira doorbell rings. It also works very well.

The Nuki support did not help me with the installation. My comment was rather sarcastically meant at that time as the installation took about 1 week and was very much try and error with the support of a friendly electrical engineer.

Unfortunately i didn’t get any help from nuki on the hotline or here in the forum because it was considered incompatible.
So I was a bit disappointed that nuki was not interested in finding a solution together with me.

Now to the installation: As written above it is technically possible, unfortunately i did not make a plan of the wiring. Because it has been so much try and error and I was glad that it works and just wanted to put it together.

What @Juergen says is also true, to do the installation you need access to the central gira hub in your house to register the add-on module.
I only needed the “Schaltaktor” from gira for the installation. The push button interface was not needed.

I hope I was able to bring some light into the dark now.

LG Nastra

Thanks for the replies @Nastra & @Juergen!

I guess that leaves us at a dead end, if we need access to the central gira hub.

Just to clarify:
@Nastra: What did you use the “Schaltaktor” for?

  1. Was it to convert the Gira Bus “door call” signal to a Voltage signal to “call/ring” the Nuki Opener?
  2. Was it to convert the Nuki Opener “door open” Voltage signal to a Bus signal to open the main door?

Is there any chance you could take a photo of the wiring behind your Gira AP so we could see how you connected the “Schaltaktor” to the Nuki Opener? It would be great to have a reference for anyone in the future if they are in a similar situation and have access to their central control unit.

Also for reference, an English copy of the “Schaltaktor” / “Switching Actuator” Operating Instructions can be found here:

The Gira Catalogue reference for the Schaltaktor / Switching Actuator can be found here:
EN :

The “HOWTO Connect the Nuki Opener to an unknown intercom” document which details the wiring and pin-out of the Nuki Opener can also be found here:

Hello, can you send me information on how you connected the opener? That would be awesome. I’m moving into a multi-family house and I can’t manage it.
Many greetings

I am also interested in how this works with the switching actuator 121100.
I have an intercom system from Gira and a 1279 AP Video home station.
Maybe it will work with that too. Although my station has a touch panel.
Thanks for helping!

Any chance to get help with gira?
I bought the schaltaktor and I have access to the main gira hub.

It will be great to have a picture of the wiring.

Many thanks in advance.

I’m getting ready to try this installation. Did I get that right, that I only need the Gira “Unterputz Schaltaktor”/“switching actuator” 1211 00? I’ve read the opreating instructions - does any one know, to which opreating mode the switching actuator has to be set?
I will try to do a good documentation of the installation process.

thanks in advance