Nuki Opener with BPT E/220

Hi I have the BPT E/220 and bought the nuki since I saw it is tested with E/200 but the wiring is different. Has anyone tried the BPT E/220 or have any tips for the installation.

This is the wiring

To anyone who finds the post, the “Open Door” worked eventually with the following wiring. The RING however is not working.


Have you tried the red wire? I think to remember, for Bus systems and ring detection, you need the red wire!

Pano, IDK if you had any progress but your BPT wiring should be:

Purple_GND ____1 ground
Blue___OPEN___2 audio to entry panel
Red___SPK______3 audio from entry panel (optional)
Yellow_RING____4 call

see E305G.pdf & Bpt-manual-all.pdf pg3 (in Greek!)

LMK, I’m going to do it in my summer home (in Athens GR) coming June!