Nuki Opener with bitron video AN0002 with 2 wires

Hello, I try to connect my Nuki Opener on my intercom Bitron Video AN002. But if I follow the instructions on Nuki , it’s not match with my interphone.
Firs of all Nuki ask me to remove the cable on C7 but there is no cable.
Nuli propose if there is no cable to put the green cable on C7. The bleu on the 9, The black and pupple on 6.
You can see on the picture there is no cable on C7, 9,6 only 1 and 2 . Someone could help me please?

My intercom is only 2 wires (Bitron Video, AN0002 but with only 2 wires)
Do you know which cable on Nuki opener I have to put on 1 and 2?
1 -->system ground
2–> speech signal / call tone