Nuki Opener with Aiphone GT-1M3-L

Did you tried the blue wire(open) into the clamp

The orange wire should be in the R2

2 black wires to plug

Thanks for commenting.

I don’t think I have tried that.

Do you have this working?

Normally you can,open the door automatically with an option cable. Aiphone do it for your model.

I have the aiphone :GT-1C7-L

Actually I didn’t tried yet with the nuki device but according to the wires without nuki installation.

I just need 4 wires in the standard installation :
Transparent : B2-video
Yellow : R1 - AUDIO

Leave the original wiring, as it was before you were

The Opener.

  1. Connect the black wire of the Opener (in addition to the installation wire) to location b (“Bus-”), and the red wire of the Opener (in addition to the installation wire) to the location

A (Bus+).

Do not make any other changes. Do not remove any wires or use the other threads of the Opener or the terminal block you received with your Opener.

Version 1

Remove the BUS cable (1) and

Connect it with the yellow wire and

Red of the Opener in the terminal block

Supplied with the device.

Then place the orange and green wire

From the Opener in the port now

Free of the system.

The cable that is in BUS (2)

Stay connected. Just add to it

The black thread of the Opener.

Hi, I also have a GT-1M3. Someone here who tried the above solution? I have not yet bought the opener because I’m not sure it will work with our Aiphone model.

Quelque un à t il testé cela (aiphone gt1D avec opener) ?
Merci vienn