Nuki Opener with 2 wired Bticino

I have been searching this forum a lot, but what is found are either fairly old posts, or are answered with ‘I’ve sent you a PM’ If my question is already answered in another post, my apologies (and please point me to this post :grinning: )

So, I have the Nuki Opener which I try to install with my intercom.
The situation here is that I live in an apartment building and there are two doors that can be opened with the intercom. A general apartment door and the door to the gallery. They are both opened with the same button.

The intercom is a Bticino model, not 100% sure about the model:

The inside is wired with just two wires:

The white cables are connected to a button that isn’t used. I read this could be used for light switching or so. Underneath the red looped cable, there is a button that is pressed for opening the door.

Close up of the attachment of the 2 external wires

All the documentation in Btcino devices are talking about more than two cable connections that need to be fixed. How do I connect the Nuki Opener to this device? Is this even possible?

Have you got news ?

I got it working on the second door. Still have to test and programm the first entrance door. But for that I need an extra person downstairs that rings the bell

Can you please post a photo of the cabling done?