NUKI OPENER vs Bticino BT-344192


I’m new to use Nuki Opener.

I’m trying to connect the Nuki Opener to a device Bticino BT-344192.
The setup is ok but when i ring to open, the door does not open.

Could you help me please ?

In advance thanks a lot,

Unfortunately, the Nuki Opener does not work well with BTicino devices.

For more details, see my blog posts on the subject:

  1. Nuki Opener with an SCS bus intercom (bTicino 344212) (2020) - Michael Stapelberg
  2. Fixing the Nuki Opener smart intercom IOT device (on the BTicino SCS bus intercom system) (2020) - Michael Stapelberg
  3. Make your intercom smarter with an MQTT backpack - Michael Stapelberg

Hi Michael

Thank you for your support.

Before buying the Nuki Opener, i checked the compatibility with my device BT-344192 and it’s ok.

Best regards,

Hi Michael,

Saw the difficulties in your posts, you think that i have to return the Nuki Opener.

In advance thank you for your help,


I have returned all Nuki’s devices.

For somebody being in the same issue, i’ll replace the old BT-344192 by a new BT-344682.

You can open the door by your smartphone everywhere.

Best regards,