Nuki Opener: Video Doorbell Trigger

Product name

Nuki Opener


I live in an apartment building and we want to use Nuki in combination with a video doorbell. With all it’s features like getting a call/notification from the video doorbell. (for example Ring, Nest Hello or any other).


Trigger a call/ring on a video doorbell (like Ring or any other), when Nuki Opener registers a ring.


To use video doorbells in apartment buildings without replacing the current doorbell system or adding x video doorbells.


Install a video doorbell (or any type of camera) at the buildings entrance. When Nuki Opener registers a ring, an event like someone rang that video doorbell triggers for the person whose doorbell was rung.

In an apartment building at the entrance outside someone rings my doorbell → in addition to Nuki I get a notification from Nest Hello, that someone rang my doorbell.

Hey Alexander, I am looking for a solution exactly like this.

Did you get manage to get it to work?