Nuki opener - Urmet 1131

Hello, I have an Urmet 1131 intercom, the wiring to it looks like this:

So according to the instructions I have wired the cables as follows:
red wire to 1
purple and black wire to 6
green wire to CA
orange wire to 2
Blue wire to 9

At the end of the configuration, the Nuki opener sends me to the front door and I have to press open with the door locked. This works also so far

In the next step I have to close the door again and ring the bell once, the Nuki Opener should open the door, unfortunately this does not work and the app tells me to check the cables again, unfortunately I can not find an error. Do I have to wire anything differently than described above?

Here as a addition, how the intercom system with the corresponding wiring looks like at the moment:

I have the same intercom at home and it also doesn’t open the fire when I ring.
Did you find a solution?

No, unfortunately, I couldn’t find a solution, even after trying for a while. I’ve now resolved it by using my phone with the NUKI app to unlock the door, although it’s not quite as convenient.

Hi! I looked at this, but don’t see the nuki-clamp, so mostly the opener doesn’t receive your ring signal, when someone is ringing the bell, where is the clamp!?

Hallo Rose, ich habe gesehen das du in anderen Beiträgen auch deutsch geschrieben hast, daher denke ich das ist so vermutlich einfacher. Was meinst du mit clamp? Auf meinen zweiten Bild geht rechts die Nuki-Verbindung raus, dort habe ich dann den Nuki Opener montiert.