Nuki Opener: Trigger the Light

Product name

Nuki Opener


Many (if not all) intercom systems (Siedle BTS 850-02 in my case) provide a light switch to turn on e.g. the hallway light. It would be really awesome if the Nuki Opener was able to trigger this as well.


I imagine the Nuki Opener could trigger the light together with a opening action. Ideally this would be as configurable as many things usually are through the Nuki App. For example it would make sense to be able to set, that the light should only be triggerd at a certain time of the day.

Other than that it might also be nice to be able to perform the light switch action independently from a door opening.


No one likes standing in the dark. :slight_smile:
Well, this would be quite a unique feature, further expanding what the Nuki Opener can offer.


Usually, when I get evening deliveries or visitors, I always push the door opener button of my intercom, followed by the light switch to make access for the people as convenient as possible.