Nuki Opener Terraneo Intercom detecting Button and Ring but doesnt open

Hello there,

I’ve received my nuki opener and connected it to our terraneo intercom (no 600) via Generic BUS Settings.
During the configuration process, the “open door” button is recognized and the doorbell is also recognized. But it doesnt open the door when i’m standing in front of our house. (Do i need to be connected via bluetooth?)

Is there any way to view / provide (debug) logs?

Short update:
After some research I’ve found that it seems that only the case is labeled terraneo.
The PCB seems to be Bticino 344212. But I’ve still got the same problems.
During configuration the door opener and doorbell are recognized. But it doesnt open the door when asked, neither by pressing the button nor by RingToOpen.

I’ve attached a photo of the intercom (before installing the opener)


You have a Nuki bridge installed in complement to the opener, haven’t-you?

This is a prerequisite to access Nuki accessories remotely (depending of what “in front of the door” means in term of distance to your opener)

Yes the bridge is installed (there are 4 Floors between Main Door and Opener/Bridge) , the app is showing “ring detected” and prompting me to continue but the door doesnt open.

But in the meanwhile i’ve managed to make it work… kind of…

I’m currently using the “Basic setup without doorbell suppression” wiring from the “HOWTO-Unknown Intercom pdf” and it’s working. (but unfortunately without doorbell supression)

Hello Pascal,
could you please provide a wiring picture of your connected Opener please?

Hello Robert,

there you go:

Hi! Do this first setup again and push ok to going through, after you change the opening duration to 3-seconds, and try the ring detection again! Let me know how it goes!