Nuki Opener + Terraneo (BTicino) 600 intercom

Has anyone successfully installed Nuki Opener with Terraneo v 600 Intercom? If yes, may I ask you to share a picture of right connections? This intercom is driving me mad… Thanks in advance!
Terraneo 600

Hi! Intercoms are often wired different (also with same models), so a photo of the momentane wiring is needed, that someone could help!

Hi! Here is the umage

Ciao any news on this topic??? I’ve the same issue…

Hi, Fabio.

No, dear, I haven’t any…

Hi! Sorry for getting back so late! What are the issues?

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Hi, I have exactly the same Terraneo with the exact same wire connections . I tried to connect my nuki as explained. But i don’t get why it’s not working. Could someone from staff or community help us please.

Thanks guys

For me the issue is that when i connect the Blue wire from nuki to T1 on my interphone (wire to open the door) it beaks all the system ! indeed when you tried to open the door downstairs normaly with your keyfob it’s not working anymore, that mean that i’m anoying all my building trying to install my nuki… please help me :slight_smile:

Hi! What intercom do you have? Because the intercom of this thread here I see no T1!?

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Hi Rose, Thanks for your answer.

I have the same as the one that is in picture upper (TERRANEO 600)
T1 is the name of the port to open the door

Hello Nuki, Can someone help us with our installation ?

Hi, Rose.

Ring to open is not working, for example :-)… Any clue? I have followed all instructions as per Nuki app…

Thanks in advance.

Hi! When just ring to open not working, then set the opening delay to 3 or 5 Seconds!

Hi! How have you tried, generic bus as system and then followed the steps, or what have you tried specifically!?

Dear all,

i’ve finally installed with success my Terraneo with 2 opener.

In my case, the Terraneo have 2 bottons for 2 doors.

I bought 2 openers and only link the cables blue and violet to each button.

That’s all.

I didn’t care about the ring cable as i’m not going to use it.

Hope this helps,

Hi. I have finally solved the problem. For the benefit of the whole community I am uploading the image from the Nuki app. We only amended the instruction from Nuki app (see image) when it says to remove the cable from position no 5 while it should be from position no. 6 instead.

Could i have an image of the wires connected inside the intercom? In particular, I don’t know where the orange and the blue wire goes. Where are the contacts 1, 2 and T1? Thanks in advance.

Could I have a picture of the cables connected inside the intercom please? I can’t figure out which cable I have to remove from the 6 and connect to the yellow wire of the Nuki. Thank you

Sorry, dear. I do not have the chance to upload an image. It has been my electrician to find the right way to do it. If you like I can upload the image from the Nuki app…

Hi :wave:t3:

So if I understand well you’re saying that we have to follow exactly the same step (same wires plan) that is on the app (your photos upper) EXCEPT change the number 5 by number 6

Did I understand well ?