Nuki Opener & Tegui Classe100 Video intercom

Hi all,

I received my opener but unfortunately I could not install in my Video Intercom.
My unit is a Tegui Classe100 V12B, is a 2 wire connection, but talking with Tegui guys he told me that is a digital unit and is not possible to connect a non Tegui device to my unit.

Any idea how to connect this kind of unit to my opener?

Thank you very much for your help


Hi There!

I have also a Tegui intercom. It’s also a digital model (M72) which has:

-Twisted pair (black, red) for video signal and communication
-3 wires (grey, brown, black) for monitor powering

My Nuki Opener will arrive this weekend and I’ll let you know.
My guess is: This is a Bus Intercom (digital), and as per the Nuki “HOWTO Connect the Nuki Opener to an unkown intercom” guide, it would be as simple as wiring the black and red wires, as per the “Basic setup without doorbel suppresion” configuration. That is my hope it will be enough.

You should give it a try, is this what you tried?

That response from Tegui team is not very knowledgeable, I believe.

Hi Renato,

since the answer from Tegui I did not try anything…so I’ll try the proposal you mentioned to connect the red and black cables to my 2 wire bus, but my cables are blue and black, is it important the order or does not have polarity?


If it does have polarity, the app will tell you to try exchanging them no worries.

I’ll try tonight and I’ll tell you something :wink:

Thank’s Ren

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Hi Ren,
I tried but did not works, I’m waiting you if you reach how to setup the unit

Keep me informed if you reach any solution, please


Oooh I’m so sorry.
I’ll let you know.


you could try setting it up as a
Bticino Classe100 V12B, looks like these are the same intercoms. Two wire BUS systems.
Maybe give it a shot

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I did it, but did not work

Hi Ren,

Did you advance in your side?

I tried, a lot of combinations. I didn’t succeed : (

I’m going to open another thread with photos so maybe somebody can help.

Hi REn,

Thank’s for the update, please, if you have any advance please, let me know, ok?



You can check my post here:

Hi Ren
Thank’s for the info, I’m going to follow the post to see future changes, thank’s again

Regards from Barcelona

Hi Eduard,

Check my post, I finally managed to make it work!

Hi Ren

Finally with new firmware it works as you mention in your post. Thank you very much,



That’s great!
Try the Doorbell Suppression and tell me if it works for you please.

Hello, I am a foreigner, my English is not very good, can you tell me how you successfully linked NUKI OPENER and TEGUI 100 V12B? Have a photo or screenshot? thank you very much!