Nuki Opener support for Elcom REK621Y

Any development here. I have the same question. Err you able to put it together?


Hi i am new here and today i have not an nuki. I will only buy if the opener works with the elcom rek621. Please can anyone support us here???

Any Update from Nuki?

I have the same Intercom/Opener and would buy Nuki only - and then, the big package - if this system would supported. I live in a new flat complex with 33 Units which all have this opener.

Any update here? I have a similar REK241Y intercom and would be interested in getting the opener working too.

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Hello, same here. I already possess and use the opener, but I will move to a new building with Elcom REK621Y.

Further information about compatibility with the opener would be appreciated.

Seems no one from Nuki found time to send an answer to this topic?! I just moved in a new flat and have two Nuki 3.0pro and wold be perfect to use an opener with the ELCOM REK621Y, so where is the problem to tell customers about this, if it is NOT possible tell us, if it is, tell us the solution PLEASE!!!

I’m just testing - though yet without success.

I’m stuck on the configuration step on the nuki asking to Actuate door opener.
It’s loading/waiting indefinitely.

Any hints?

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Hi! Is this a analogue or digital system?

pretty sure it is a digital system.

Anything new? I know Nuki does not seem to care about this at all and I have not found a solution.
For over a year have to open the main door with a physical key live a caveman :frowning:

I ended up using a solenoid to push the elcom physically.

works so quite ok.

Dear all,

Anyone found a solution for this model?

Still no solution!!???
I think we have to by the access gate from Hager. But it costs over 500€.

Any solution with shelly switch perhaps?

Please Nuki get the Opener worked with Elcom RE621Y. There are so many people waiting for the solution!!

+1 for the REK241Y

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+1 here. I would love to attach the nuki opener to elcom REK621Y

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Hope to see apple implement the feature to detect sounds with HomeKit and build an automation to open the door with my switch bot

since there’s no reply of someone who was able to use the opener with the Elcom REK621Y, I want to reply here. There’s a solution! However, I wasn’t able to get ring-to-open.

There’s the module RED114Y which can be installed similar to Ben’s installation here: Elcom BVF-510

I did only connect the wires for ground, opener and bus-connections - not the green one for the ringer, since we cannot get this signal out there as far as I know. The Nuki opener is then set up for generic analogue and everything just worked fine in my case.

That’s actually sad. Ring-to-open is the feature I like to have implemented with the opener, as I’m already able to open with switchbot

Would it make sense to hire a professional to solve this mystery or can it also be impossible with the nuki opener for Elcom REK621Y?