Nuki Opener - STR HT40

Hi Nuki-Team,

I have ordered a Nuki Opener and wanted to connect it now to my STR HT40, but with the first steps in the App-guided Tour I begin to struggle.

During the App-guided Tour the connections are labeled with B+ and B- by Nuki. The documents and also the pictures of the connectors of the STR HT40 don’t show connections marked with B+ / B-. There is ET (white / brown) and BUS (blue / red).

Can someone help me out here please?

Thank you & regards,

Hi ApplesandPears,
please use the red cable (BUS+) and the blue one (BUS-) connected to the BUS screw terminal. That should work. If the connection is reversed contrary to expectations, the app will tell you and guide you through an alternative way to connect it!
Best regards

Thank you Georg! Figured it out!

Much appreciate the quick help!

Hi, same model and same problem here. Tried also the alternative connection. The app returns still the error that I need to try the alternate option and also won’t let the opener connect to the bridge. Could someone please get back to me? Tried the customer support line but no one answers. Thanks!