Nuki Opener & SKS HT-926-S

Hi all,
I’m planning to buy an opener, the bridge and a lock 3.0 for my flat.
But Nuki does not show my Doorsystem SKS HT-926-S as compatible, but only the HT-926.
Can you guys help me if it should work?
I see only 3 cables connected, while the red one seems to be the power connection for the system.
So guess either white or yellow should be the bell and the other then the button to open the door?
Any Ideas on that and how to best give it a try without destroying anything :blush:
Thanks a lot.


Other pic, as I am only allowed to add 1 pic in a thread

Third pic, hope it helps to help me :blush:

Seems there is not much hope, so i will cancel my order of the opener and stay with my keys