Nuki opener sks HT 4600

hi guys I have the nuki opener, i have tried different constellations but have had no luck so far, the open door signal always times out. the SKS 4600 has 4 connections a b E- E+, I’m wondering if its a trouble shooting problem ie. the timing of incoming buzzer to door unlock signal, if i should have it in set up before incoming signal etc… or if i just have the wiring wrong … Can anyone offer advice on one correct wiring and two trouble shooting the actual setup… thanks heaps in advance ed!

attached is instructions for the sks


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Hello ed, did you found a solution ? I have HTV 4606 (HTV-4600-2 circuit board) s and can wait for a solution only until the end of the year, otherwise I have to buy another product. This will be a pitty for both sides, as I have to set up 5 apartments.

Nope. I used generic bus system wiring. Always had a time out error. But had other weird bug with the bridge that created logic loop. So never sure where problem was. But because it’s a non supported system they don’t offer ANY support except joining there unpaid developers: ie beta testers. But as you can see no one else had any help.

Nuki Support never answered my questions directly.

I haven’t lost hope. But will be pissed off of my if hardware was faulty when/if they end up supporting my system and it turns out I did do it correctly.

If u do get a solution let me know.

I wrote to SKS customer service and sent them the Nuki connection file. Will see what they answer.

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@Tata did you get any response?

Yes. SKS sagt, dass die Anlage einen eigenen Bus hat, der verschlüsselt ist. Solange Nuki keine Lizenz hat, wird es auch keine Kompatibilität geben. Man sollte eigenständig keine aussichtslosen Anschlußversuche machen, weil die Gefahr besteht, dass die gesamte Anlage beschädigt wird. Fazit: Nuki sollte sich eine Lizenz besorgen.

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Hat Nuki denn eine Lizenz?

Schon irgendwie blöd, dass ein Laden wie Nuki nicht in der Lage ist ein paar Lizenzgebühren an SKS zu zahlen, damit endlich deren Gegensprechanlagen funktionieren…

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