Nuki Opener Siedle Basic Audio - door does not open

Hi and happy new year everybody! Nuki Opener does not open the door when ringing or try to open with the app.
But lets start with the setup. Everything works fine and i followed the instructions for the Siedle Basic Audio in the app. The app recognizes when i pressed the opener on the siedle and said that i should now go to the door an have to ring the bell. But then nothing happened. With the second try i said „door was opened“ but it was not - just to check if the protocol recognizes the ring signal. And there is a entry in the protocol. Means everything works fine but the Nuki opener does not open the door. Can you please help me? I send you some pictures of the wiring of my Siedle Basic Audio. Greetings Mark

This is the original wiring


This is after the setup


This is the BAA