Nuki Opener: Send door open signal twice / allow Ring to Open to be used twice within a minute before deactivating

Product name

Nuki Opener


I use the door opener not only for myself, but sometimes also for delivery people. So, not everybody is immediately aware that the door opener will open the door quickly after ringing.

Now there’s a complication with the setup of the door system in the house I live in: The door opener time is limited to a second only, therefore in many cases, the door opening is missed by a person standing outside (usually not me, but others). The workaround my neighbors and I use, when using the door opener manually, is to press the button twice in quick succession. It would be useful, if the Nuki Opener could do that as well.

But sometimes, when I am not quick enough with the door opener to press the button twice, a person outside might be ringing the door a second time. In this case it could also be a useful option, if I could allow the Nuki Opener to be used twice in a row within a short timeframe (maybe a minute), before the “disable Ring to Open after a single ring” feature triggers.

Both would be useful options.


  • send door opening impulse twice within two seconds.
  • alternatively: deactivate “Ring to Open” only ~30 seconds after the first ringing, so a second ringing is possible
  • alternatively: deactivate “Ring to Open” after second ringing within a specified timeframe


A single door opening impulse is often too short to open the door. Two impulses in a row or a second door opening after a second ringing could help.


  • Usually with persons that are unaware of Nuki, like delivery persons or guests, that should be able to come up to my flat, without my intervening on the door opener manually.
  • This is helpful for myself as well, when for whatever reason I am not able to open the door on the first try after ringing. I don’t like to not have “Ring to Open” deactivate after one ringing, but a second try would make it more reliable.

Is this not possible already!? I have deactivated “deactivate ring to open after one ring” and set the enabled time for ring to open to a few minutes, and so the open opens the door on any ring in this few minutes, and not anymore after.

Well, due to the fact that I don’t know when exactly someone will show up, I have to set the enabled time for ring to open not only to a few minutes, but already to let’s say an hour. However, I would prefer very much, that after this person’s arrival the ring to open is disabled rather quickly.

Or let’s say another title to my feature request would be: “make deactivate ring to open after one ring work for my house”.

Ok, have you thought about ifttt or the api to do this?