Nuki Opener Schema

Hi All,

I have a Nuki Smart Lock & a Bridge.
I am interested to invest in a Keypad and an opener.

I am living in a house, with garden gate with Electric Strike. I control it via a Shelly 1 and everything works like a charm.

The keypad will be place outside of my garden (near the doorbell button) and the idea is to manage code:

  • 1 for opening only the garden gate
  • 2 for opening only the door
  • 3 for opening both

I chat with a guy through the live chat on Nuki website and he told me that is possible. Can you confirm that?

I also have a question regarding the cabling diagram of the Opener in my case. The idea is to cable the Opener directly to the shelly and act as a Button. If button is press (via the opener or the application) the shelly will open the electric strike.

Can you confirm is it possible with Opener? As my request is not standard, I cannot find a wiring diagram on the Nuki website.

Attached my wiring diagram to confirm.

Thanks a lot

One Keypad can only be paired to one Nuki actuator. You would need 2 separate Keypads for your use case.
However in theory it should also work with one Keypad if you connect everything via IFTTT (i.e. create a rule that unlocks the Smart Lock when the Opener has been unlocked by a specific User/Keypad Code), but this might cause a too long delay between the two Openings.

Yes, should work. Follow the “Other door” scenario in this guide: Howto connect the Nuki Opener to unknown intercom systems

Hello Jürgen,

Thanks for your quick reply and the link. This is crystal clear for me.
Can you just confirm in this case, that I can have a code to open both Opener and Nuki Smart Lock at the same time?

And last question, is the keypad seen in Homekit? If yes, maybe I can dig in that way.

Thanks again

No, this does not work out of the box as there is the limit of just one Keypad per one Nuki device. You can not add one Keypad to several Nuki actuators at the same time.

What you can do is to work around this by using an integration/API (e.g. IFTTT).