Nuki Opener - Red, Blue Cable installation


I’m just moving into a new apartment and will be buying the whole Nuki set (Smart Lock, Bridge, Opener).

I couldn’t however find any indication of the buzzer model, and was wondering whether the installation is possible.

The intercom has no branding I could identify whatsoever, and it only works with 2 cables: red and blue. Red on 1, blue on 2. That’s it.

I’m not particularly interested in fancy functions, so just a remote buzz-in would be enough for my happiness :smile:

Would appreciate inputs and support to know about the compatibility.

Thank you!

I’ve also a Red and a Blue Cable :sweat_smile:
For me is Blue BUS+ and Red BUS- :man_shrugging:t3:

On the backside of the Intercom I did found the Series Number and Name of my Intercom :+1:t3:

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Thank you, @Chilles!

Do you have all the functionality available? Or are there limitations?

I will check the “back of the back” tomorrow! Thank you for the tip!

My Opener did works for 9 months to 98% very precise (ring suppression didn’t works).
Currently I’ve a lot issues to get back a working configurations but I hope it’s just some bugs with BTCINO Intercoms and they fix it soon because the issues was coming with a firmware update :disappointed_relieved: