Nuki Opener | Open by API

Hi all, I’m new here. So, thanks for your patience.

Is it possible to send “Open” command by API to Nuki Opener?



Yes it is possible. Here is the API Doku:

This would be the request to unlock the door via opener:

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Hi Peter, thanks.

I assume this command will work over LAN, so “bridgeIP” is the local address of the bridge.

Is it possible to call the same API outside from LAN?
Is there a Cloud service we can pass through?


If your bridge is also accessible from outside, then this command should also work. i.e. you could register a port forwarding rule for your router and redirect a request for a specific port to the local ip address of your bridge.

But I would advice against it. In my case I’ve a raspberry running in my local network that communicates with the bridge. The bridge is not accessible directly from outside (only via the app)

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Just to clear things up:
@pego mixedan example from our Bridge API with the link to our Web API.

Those are 2 different things with the first one working locally in your LAN and the second one only after activating Nuki Web (and there the Web API) as a “cloud service”.

In the second case you can find the command describe here in our Swagger instance for the Web API:
POST /smartlock/{smartlockId}/action/unlock