Nuki opener on urmet 1142

I have a Urmet 1142 intercom, it’s a digital BUS system without activiation if no ring before, i follow the unknow guide in my first non marching try.
After sending a mail to nuki team i have just connect the red and black cable, i use in first the profil generic/bus and after the generic/urmet BIBUS but i have the same issue :slight_smile :
Without ring before -> cabling error from the app
With a friend ring and i pickup the handset i go to the next step -> learning mode… but impossible to detect when i push on the open door button :frowning:
Can i have any help or information ?..
This is my second try

This is my first try

I have the same problem.
Did you found a solution?


Hi! Same intercom with two wires, or is anything otherwise in your case!?

I have the same intercom an urmet 1142/20 with two wire.
This is E2W (Easy 2 Wire ) from urmet and i found just this model of intercon with this technology.
The two wire are not a bus but its look like an analogic signal.
I dont know if this protocole could communicate with nuki …


At this time nuki opener always work not :frowning:

Hi! Please try this, to sort out the underlying system of this! Take a short isolated wire, and take off some isolation of both ends, now hold shortly one end on screw1 and the second end on screw2, and look if the opening mechanism goes active when you connect them. Please get back here, if the opening mechanism goes active, when you short the 2 screws with a wire, and we look further.

Hi, i have trying yesterday with a friend, but with no résult.

Hi, did anyone sort it out with Urmet 1142 Intercom?

Hello there,

I just kind of sorted out a solution with my Urmet 1142 Intercom. It’s not perfect but allows to open the gate remotely.

I solded a wire behind the PCB to be able to connect to the switch directly. For the Nuki Opener, I configured it using the “other door” setting. For now, I only can trigger the intercom when someone calls me or send me a text when they call, but at least, I can do it remotely.

See attached picture and detailed steps:

  1. Blue wire connected to the switch SW2
  2. Cut a little plastic part so the blue wire can go through without being damaged
  3. Connect the blue wire to the blue wire from Nuki Opener (I used a clamp) then Purple one to the “0” pin of the Urmet Intercom.
  4. Remove the plastic above the switch SW1: the opener cannot trigger anything if you let this switch done (pushed done when the received is present so you have to disable it).

Latest tries show that if I connect the yellow nuki wire to the white from the received (top left on the picture, connector with 4 pins), then someone calls in, it enables the auto open IF I disconnect the yellow wire AFTER it rang. Not sure why. If someone from Nuki see this message, let me now if you think of a solution. I will send you directly those details in the support thread I already started.

I will keep you posted if I find something more.

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Until now, it has worked perfectly. In fact, the app can be accessed from other users, so they can open the intercom themselves after ringing from the gate.
The only issue is from the smart lock that is not able to open the door anymore despite being able to unlock it.
About the nuki opener, I don’t understand what signal it expects on the yellow wire, what do you think, is it just an impulse, or something else?

Hello Frederic,
I don’t know exactly what cable are wired on the PCB of the Urmet 1142, on your last picture i see the yellow and green cable passt ? Can you make some pictures ?
I have an other question, if someone ring from the gate (postman, delivery…), did the Urmet or the Nuki-opener make ringing bell ?
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Those were to test if I could make the nuki detect the ring but no luck until now, so they are useless. They are connected to the upper leg of the buzzer (never powered on as the circuit is always opened) and the green and blue (middle) pins of the top 4 pins connector.
There is no sound from the nuki and just a one time little beep on the “phone” speaker.

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Oh and yes I do have a picture from when I did that.

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Yes i just read this document :

And they say in mode “other door” the “Ring detection” and “doorbell suppression” are inactives.

And on this online support page they give a solution for intercoms with preactivation, what did you think to use this configuration by removing the SW1?

I tried several configurations. This is the only one that gave results.
I know that by using “other doors” it can not detect rings, I did not tried to detect using this setting, but using the standard one. What I don’t know is when using the regular one, what does expect the nuki opener on its yellow wire.

Do you have a link to the preactivated doc you mention, I don’t remember that. And this result is what I could do by myself as the official support only replied that they do not support this intercom. Once I could have some results, they told me to share it there.

Ah okay, I also tried several “configurations” but without result, and I do not have enough knowledge of electronics.
Here is the link to the support page I was talking about:

It’s in French…
But I also read an answer from a Nuki member “Georg S” saying this in another thread for 2Voice system Urmet:

What do you think ?

I search solutions, but i don’t found anything.
My first solution was the same of @FredericRP but theorically it will run only when you manually move the switch SW1.
I search some information in the IC named U1 in my PCB but the inscription was erased, and i try to found some pics on net but there is nothing.
Can you read some information in yours ?
My second solution would buy the system to open aumaticaly the door at the ringing (Urmet DAE2W ) and use the relay of the NUKI to activate it.
If some one had allready buy it, He can give me pics of the inside to try to fabricate it ?
i will continue to search with other solution like use the others pins of the nuki to shunt the SW1 switch or use a relay and make a second PCB… I dont know yet

@Mickael_Deloos_Godon yes, it’s indeed a solution that is not “supported” by Nuki. But as it is configurable to create a “shortcut” using this configuration, and that the wires uses low current, the only modification here is to reach the switch (something that is allowed in other intercom because they bothered on offering this possibility directly on the PCB).

@aureo51 same here, the IC has no text on it, so I don’t what it is doing. I assume that it makes some kind of frequency modulation to send and receive signal, but I really don’t know.

Notice that the soldering that I made allows everyone using the app (so it can be friends or other people if you give them access for a certain time) to switch the intercom as soon as they rang: they can open the gate autonomously!
And: as I removed the SW1 plastic cap, it just ring once in the apartment, but allows the opening (that’s good enough for me, and even better than before as the Urmet does a very loud and bothering ring).