Nuki opener on urmet 1142

I have a Urmet 1142 intercom, it’s a digital BUS system without activiation if no ring before, i follow the unknow guide in my first non marching try.
After sending a mail to nuki team i have just connect the red and black cable, i use in first the profil generic/bus and after the generic/urmet BIBUS but i have the same issue :slight_smile :
Without ring before -> cabling error from the app
With a friend ring and i pickup the handset i go to the next step -> learning mode… but impossible to detect when i push on the open door button :frowning:
Can i have any help or information ?..
This is my second try

This is my first try

I have the same problem.
Did you found a solution?


Hi! Same intercom with two wires, or is anything otherwise in your case!?

I have the same intercom an urmet 1142/20 with two wire.
This is E2W (Easy 2 Wire ) from urmet and i found just this model of intercon with this technology.
The two wire are not a bus but its look like an analogic signal.
I dont know if this protocole could communicate with nuki …


At this time nuki opener always work not :frowning:

Hi! Please try this, to sort out the underlying system of this! Take a short isolated wire, and take off some isolation of both ends, now hold shortly one end on screw1 and the second end on screw2, and look if the opening mechanism goes active when you connect them. Please get back here, if the opening mechanism goes active, when you short the 2 screws with a wire, and we look further.

Hi, i have trying yesterday with a friend, but with no résult.

Hi, did anyone sort it out with Urmet 1142 Intercom?