Nuki Opener, Nuki Box versus Nello One

A new product is coming soon - Nuki Opener.

1-From a developer perspective what will be the difference between Nuki Opener and Nello One?
2-Is Nuki Opener a retrofit product that can be installed by a tenant? The price will be competitive versus Nello one?
3- Is Nuki Opener a completely different product then Nuki Box which looks like based on a subscription model ?

Best regards. Sam.

We have not disclosed any details about the Opener and have no plan to do so until it’s available. Which means: Sorry, but you have to wait for an official announcement.

Really? Isn’t this announcement?

Yes, this is what we’ve announced. More details can not be disclosed yet.

I would like to know if the nuki opener will be compatible with a 1 + n system or only 4 + n for the number of wires.

Hi Jimmy, yes, analog 1+n systems are also supported.

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Thank you for your response, I registered twice to have an invitation, but maybe France is not one of the lucky ones to receive the nuki opener first.