Nuki Opener not working with Fermax CITYMAX VDS EXTRA

Hello all,

I recently bought NUKI Opener for my apartment and I have a Fermax Reference: 2452 (CITYMAX VDS EXTRA) which doesn’t appear with this exact name in the compatible devices. Although it’s a VDS 3-wire terminal with -, +, L sockets.

I have been trying different configurations: from Fermax VDS specific ones to Generic config for Fermax (ADS/VDS) or Generic Bus.

I managed to get to the door and it recognizes the ring tone, but when I press the button it doesn’t open the door. Also, ring to open doesn’t work. It seems like Nuki Opener cannot send the “open” signal to my terminal or something like that.

I have no idea on what else to try, so I guess if I cannot make it work I will use my right to send it back and get my money back.

If any of you knows what could be happening, it will be really helpful. Thank you very much in advance :smiley:


In my opinion, this is false advertising: the opener is not compatible with Fermax VDS devices, which make up a significant portion of the range. Throughout the forum, I have never seen a user who got it working correctly and shared their solution.

I have written to the developers and posted several messages, but I have never received a response. Nuki devices are not compatible with all the devices they claim to be, and this is deceitful and commercial fraud.