Nuki Opener - Night Mode / Do not disturb mode

Product name

Nuki Opener


I’m missing a feature that allows me to silence the doorbell at certain times. At the moment you can only toggle the doorbell on or off.


It should be possible to turn the doorbell silencer on or off for specific times. For example Monday to Friday from 9pm to 6am - which is already possible for the ring to open feature.


Often you don’t want the bell to ring at nighttime. For instance when your baby is asleep or if you’re living in a neighborhood where people think it’s funny to ring at 2am. At the moment the Nuki App can only toggle the bell on or off and the feature is kind of hidden in the menu.


  1. you don’t want to be disturbed at certain times
  2. baby asleep
  3. you’re working at a quiet office and have special times that don’t allow any disruption
  4. shady neighborhood where people tend to ring in the middle of the night