Nuki opener - manual configuration

Hi Nuki-Team,

I have a Nuki opener that I want to connect on a Bitron Video bus intercom.
The intercom system is collective. I have no information on its reference.
The signal arrives from two wires directly to the tone and mic (no signal conversion). The opening signal is sent by short-braking the two wires.

I’ve tried to configure the opener as Generic Bus based on this post. However, the application either hang during the process, or fail to record and replay properly the ring and opening signals.

In iddle mode, the intercom signal is a low-voltage AC around 60Hz. When rigging, the signal frequency increases to some kHz, as the voltage goes to 4.5V. Such caracteristic looks easy to detect.

Is there any solution to manually configure the opener detection and opening methods ? For example, defining volt or frequency treshold, and actuated the relay.

Thanks for your help

Hi! Not really, but you should not need it, because you wrote the opening mechanism is activated with shorting two wires, is the same method as with analogue intercoms, and what you wrote what happens when someone rings, it should also no problem to detect in analogue configuration! So please reset the opener to factory settings, and do a fresh setup with generic analogue, what should work!