Nuki Opener is able to open the door but does not recognize the RING signal from the street

I have a very old intercom from a Sevillian (Spanish) brand called Faevi.

I managed to configure the Nuki Opener with this intercom so it can open the door on demand, but apparently it does not detect the RING signal.

I configured it as a Generic -> Analogue intercom. I identified the intercom cables by unplugging each one of them and checking what stopped working.

This is how the internal wiring looked and what I noticed by unplugging cables:

As you can see, both the RING cable and the “Audio from street” cable are connected on top to the green cable that goes to the handset. I think this prooves that my intercom does not have a dedicated buzzer, but the buzzing is performed by the handset speaker itself. Actually, depending on whether the handset is resting on its base or “off-hook”, the button where you read “Pulsar a fondo” does the trick of connecting either the RING cable or the “audio from street cable” to the green cable that goes to the handset (which I believe to be the speaker’s cable).


  • I managed to make the Nuki Opener open the door on demand.
  • I did not manage to make the Nuki Opener recognize when someone is ringing the intercom from the street.
  • My intercom seems to use the handset speaker both for ringing and for listening to the audio from the street (it does not have a dedicated “buzzer”, apparently). When the handset is resting on its base, the RING cable is connected to the speaker and when you take it from the base the “Audio from street” cable is connected to the speaker. Actually, if the handset is off-hook, it will not ring.

So, with all this in mind… Do you have any idea why Nuki Opener is not recognizing the RING signal? It is actually quite loud I must say but it does not get detected.

My current wiring is this:

  • Nuki yellow cable: to RING cable.
  • Nuki blue cable: to DOOR OPEN cable.
  • Nuki red cable: to AUDIO FROM STREET cable.
  • Nuki orange cable: to MICROPHONE cable.
  • Nuki black and purple cables: to GROUND cable.

Yet, the RING signal is not recognized. See the image of the connections below:

Any idea why it might not be working? The sound when people buzz from the street is not really a buzz, it is more like a very loud oscillating sound. Maybe this could be the issue? Maybe it needs a firmware upgrade?

Any ideas on what to test? I even bought a multimeter to perform voltage tests if needed. My Opener has firmware version 1.3.1.

Regards and thank you very much for your insights,

I wonder if @Georg_S, @nohum, @MatthiasK, @marc, @Juergen, @notz, @Kerstin_K or @Martin_K could shed some light into this issue. I don’t think my case is a very rare one and I would love to help making Nuki compatible with my brand of intercom.

I have a multimeter and can perform voltage or any other kinds of tests you might need in order to make it compatible.

Thank you very much for you valuable help!

Hello Celso!
The connections seem to be the right ones. Can you please use the multimeter to measure the voltage between Ground and Ring cable when someone presses the doorbell? Use the multimeter in AC mode.
Thank you
Best regards

Dear Georg,

There is voltage between both cables when the intercom is ringing. The voltage is not steady but it is between 3.70 and 3.85 V.

For some weird reason I cannot explain, the opener detected today a couple of rings for the first time but it was not able to open the door. This confused me a lot. I had not open the intercom even, it had never recognized the ring and today magically it managed to do it for some 10 minutes. I got excited but now everything is back to “normal” (it does not detect the ring).

Could there be a chance to fix this via a software upgrade?

Thanks a lot for your help!


Sent you a PM

Dear @Georg_S, did you have time to read the PM I sent you on March 21st? I don’t even know if you are working during these days, but would be nice to get some feedback. Thanks!

I don’t think the issue is the same. My opener is not even detecting the RING. It did it magically and randomly one day and then it stopped.

Hi, for me I’ve detected the behaviour also with my Digital intercom.
You can try to activate Ring To Open and when youre outside leave the nuki app in foreground open on Smartphone. Then for me Ring to Open works. You can reproduce it like that?

I’ll definitely try that and let you know. Unfortunately the NUKI team completely forgot about me. I sent @Georg_S a message on May 28th and never got an answer.

Hi Celso,

did you solve the problem, yet?


Is there any update on this topic?

I never heard back from @Georg_S ever again. No. I haven’t been able to solve the problem. The NUKI team just decided to forget about it. They really disappointed me.

Hi/ I have a similar issue with a similarly wired intercom which has the same condition of someone having to ring first. My turnaround is to activate continuous mode. Ring is not detected but the door opens every time. Strange but it works.