Nuki opener in white

Hi Nuki Team,
have you planned to create an opener in white colour?
I would appreciate a white version very much since the black one is a big spot next to the white door opener on the white wall.
Have you think about a change or upgrade possibility if I buy a black opener now and like to change later into a white version? maybe in form of a reduced price?
Thanks for your answer.
Best, Markus


This would be really great and it will definetely increase WAF

if you have a 3d-printer, see here:

if not, then just paint it in white by yourself.
I think it will at least take two years until nuki will make the opener white.

see my examlple which I have painted/sprayed by myself.


@fidan how did you paint / spray it ?

Thanks in advance

I have bought a white 3d printed! If you want also some, let me know!


I have printed mine from the model at thingiverse and installed it as well.

It looks quite good