Nuki Opener FERMAX iLoft VDS 5606


I installed Opener to my FERMAX iLoft VDS (ref 5606, model details attached) according to the instruction from the app (photo of wiring before and after attached).

The videofon needs activation to open the door from inside, so you need to either:

  • ring the bell, the camera screen on videofon will be activated and then open the door with the designated button or
  • press button to activate the screen and then open door with the designated button

I managed to configure the Opener that it opens the door after ringing the bell, but I cannot make it opening the door without ringing the bell (so activating the screen), even with the “need activation” setup in the app. Additionally, the first step in setup (press button to open the door) is tricky, because you need to actually press two buttons one after another - I bypassed it by pressing activation button before actually starting the config, then I run first step and press the door opening button on videofon. Without it I can’t even make Opener opening door after bell ring. Maybe someone can help me:

  • is my wiring ok?
  • should I do something specific while configuring “need activation” mode?
  • any other advice?

Thanks very much for the help.