Nuki Opener - Fermax 9401


I have a Fermax 9401, attached also the wiring. Can you please let me know if the opener is compatible? The website does’n’t seem to have this information



The double wiring you see in the bus ports might be because our building has two doors, one with video and the second without. I presume that means we have two call codes separate to each ring. Does the opener support multiple access codes or multiple opener actions or is it expecting just one during the calibration?

I believe using two “openers” would work if one calibrates the first on the first door and the second on the second… just wondering if possible to calibrate one device with both?

Hello Mauricio, I also have the Fermax 9401 and I still haven’t been able to connect it with the nuki. Have you managed to install it? Could you give me some information? Thank you!!

hola, para hacer funcionar el nuki en los telefonillos duox hay que soldar 2 cables al botón de abrir, de momento es lo único que hay para que funcione.

Hello, NUKI has a signal for opening by closing the contact. This signal is used by analog home video intercom systems. Terminals for the lock opening signal are only in the entry panel (exit button) in the digital FERMAX system. One wire of the Nuki (C) is connected to the minus in the videophone, the other wire (NO) goes to the input panel after the free wire, where it is connected to the terminal marked BS. Or, as a Spanish colleague states, connect two wires to the microspinning of the button with the lock symbol. Jaroslav (FERMAX technical support for the Czech Republic).