Nuki Opener - Fermax 3305 with 3314 cable connection


I have the below initial cable set-up, which I cannot make work with the Nuki Opener (firmware version 1.9.3). I tried the Fermax 3305 settings (original and alternative) and the Generic/Fermax(Beta) one from the app and had no luck so far with either one of them. Bluetooth connection is fine, bridge connected etc.

Any ideas?


After some digging through the forum and combining different approaches, here is what worked in case of the above initial cable set-up/wiring:

  1. New Wiring (with Nuki Opener):

This wiring differs from the one suggested by the Nuki App! However, it was suggested in this forum by someone within Nuki (Mr. Sixt, I believe).

  1. Configuration in App

Configuring, I did the following:

  • chose Generic (for Manufacturer) and Bus Fermax VDS/ADS Beta (for Model)
  • indicated that doorbell needs to ring before door can be opened through a push of a button via the intercom
  • indicated that no further action is needed to then open the door through a push of a button via the intercom
    (!!!) For the next steps it is important that you activate the monitor/video camera on the intercom prior to each step (there is a dedicated button on the intercom for activating the monitor/video camera that needs to be pushed longer 1-2 sec.)
  • sent someone to the door to ring the doorbell (have the monitor/video camera activated, let that someone ring the doorbell and confirm in the app that the doorbell has rang)
  • push the button to open the door
    (the app might ask you to repeat some of the above steps, so do as told)
  • set the open delay in the app to 3 sec.

Done! Ring to Open should now work.

Open (through the app directly) does not work.
So, you have to activate Ring to Open (one time or permanently) and ring the doorbell to activate your intercom and allow Nuki Opener to sent the open door signal.

Nuki Team:
Please update the app/firmware of Nuki Opener to allow “opening” without ringing the doorbell first. This already can be done on the intercom manually by:

  1. longer pushing (1 to 2 sec.) the button to activate the monitor/video camera and
  2. pushing the button to open the door (while the monitor/video camera is active)…the monitor/video camera will then turn off and the door will open.
    In the app, such configuration seems included but does not work. One could indicate that doorbell does not need to ring before door can be opened through a push of a button via the intercom. Then, it could be indicated that further action is needed, i.e. pushing the button to activate the monitor/video camera longer, to then open the door through a push of a button via the intercom.
    Maybe, if easier, the processes for setting “ring to open” and “open” could be separated.
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You’re my hero! This wiring is exactly what I needed for my Fermax VSD Iloft Monitor.

Though I was able to make it work with the other classical configuration in the app as well.

It’s so weird that your wiring schedule isn’t in the Nuki app. Seeing as how many people are having the same problem.

I‘m glad it worked!

Hi, I am also having problem with the Fermax 3314 and I am searching for the correct wiring diagram. I am sorry to say that the pictures are a little bit too unclear for me to use as a model.
I am also looking for the post of Mr. Sixt suggesting a wiring. Can anyone help?
On contacting the NUKI support they tell me there is no support for the Fermax 3314…