Nuki Opener doesn’t work with my Fermax 3321


I have got a Fermax intercom. The model is 3321 and this model is not included in the list of the opener compability models provided, nevertheless I have tried the models Fermax 3311, Fermax 3325 as well as Generic Bus (Fermax VDS/ADS) configurations, with all their possible combinations and I can’t make it work.

I attach a picture of my device (blue wire (-), yellow (L), red (+), white (video-), green (video +).

Do you have any suggestion to make it work?

Thanks in advance.

Please give us more insights. Which part of the setup process fails and how?

Thanks for your interest.
I made all the connection combinations indicated by the app during installation in the intercom models that I have described in the previous post. In all cases it shows me the same error message “The installation of your intercom system does not correspond to the standard”.

Hi there,
I would appreciate if you could help me …

These are the two connection combinations that I have made with the “Generic Bus (Fermax VDS / ADS)” model, following the steps indicated in the app. In all cases it shows me the same error message “The installation of your intercom system does not correspond to the standard”.
I would appreciate if you can give me some indication since right now I have the feeling of having thrown the money.


Conection 1:

Conection 2:

Can you please also post a picture of the original wiring of our intercom?

It is hard to say, which cables are the Opener wires and which are the intercom wires

Thanks for your help.
Hope these images are helpful. The original intercom wiring can be seen in the picture of the first post.

Conection 1:

Conection 2:

Are the images useful to you to identify the wiring?

I am not sure if this intercom model will work (I did not find any information if this is a VDS model), but the wiring scheme to try is the one for Generic Bus (Fermax VDS/ADS). The wiring according to your pics will not work. Try the VDS one, if this is not working, the intercom is not compatible.

I have managed to put the opener into operation in this model of intercom, in case it helps someone, I have made the connection as indicated in the guide for the Fermax intercom model 3390 and it works correctly.

He conseguido poner en funcionamiento el opener en este modelo de intercomunicador, por si a alguien le sirve de ayuda, he hecho la conexión como se indica en la guía para el intercomunicador Fermax modelo 3390 y ya funciona correctamente.

Hello Rafa,
I’m really interested in your advice. I have an intercom with a Fermax VDS BUS, model 3390. The connection is a 3-wire bus: +, L, -.

To open the door, I must first ring the doorbell in street, pick up the intercom and press the opening button. I have tried many configurations, the opener detects when the connection is established but does not detect either the ringtone or the opening signal. With the application, I get stuck on the opening signal detection step and cannot go to the next step. What are your tips for making it work?