Nuki Opener does not work

My nuki opener does not work correct. I have a ritto 17230/70 The function Auto Unlock is quite a joke. Sometimes it works, but the most of the time my bell is ringing, the opener does not recognize my settings. It seems the app has to have a connect to the device via bluetooth, than it works. Messages say i am entering geofence, everything ist ok.

What did i do:

reconnect the bridge
set the delay
energy saving

nothing words.

My bridge is 30 centimetes away from the opener. I thought the command is sending to the device. My app on iphone says the ring to open is active, but when i am ringing it dows not work. Maybe when i ring several times than the door is open.
Very frustrating.

I have a funny thing. The Opener only works when i have my app on the iphone opened!!!
Can plz someone help me out here?

Hello HN13,
I also have problems with my Nuki Opener connecting to an Urmet 1130/12 with bell cable. The bridge was 2.5m away from the opener and connected to my IoT WiFi (only 2.4GHz). Between no connection - no opening - up to 45sec. I had everything reacted until what, although the APP connection of the devices to each other always says “Very good”.
After a long ordeal with the support, resetting devices, devices closer together and reconnecting 100 times, the bridge was exchanged for me. Now things went a little better, but not satisfactorily. My last desperate attempt (I remember a similar problem with a power adapter) I got myself a power extension cable and positioned the bridge right next to the WiFi access point. (20cm) And now the connection was “available” in the APP in no less than 5 seconds. always there. Only the smartwatch APP still needs between 15-30sec. for the connection, but I’ll put that down to the Bluetooth connection between the smartwatch and the smartphone.
Conclusion of my hours of testing: the WI-Fi module in the bridge must be a cheap one or the antenna must not be properly tuned.
Try it!