Nuki Opener directly on the door motor or SmartHome DI

In LoxForum, periodically the question arises for a keyless entry with an already motorized door.

Usually, with Loxone you would directly connect the motor to an output relay of Loxone’s hardware, but Loxone has no touchless entry.

Therefore I thought about the Opener.

Would it be possible to connect the Opener directly to an existing door motor?
Or other way round, would it be possible to connect the Opener to a Digital In of a Smart Home?

This would allow to have the door controlled via Bridge, and have the touchless features of the Nuki App with existing integrated motor locks.

If you set up the Opener as connected to “other door” instead of an intercom it can switch a contact (up to 50V/2A). When performing the unlock command, the contact will be shortened for 3s (configurable) and afterwards opened again. Auto-Unlock, Keypad, Fob works the same as with the Smart Lock.

What you can not do, is to lock the door or see its status (Status is always just online or offline). If you have a motorized lock set up to “automatically lock when closed”, most of this shortcomings are irrelevant in practical use as the door will be closed and locked all the time anyways.

Technically yes, but from a software standpoint no. The Openers digital output is only used for communication with bus based intercom systems.

Btw. the Nuki Smart Door is our solution for integrated cylinders, but it’s not available yet in Germany.

In my opinion this does not matter, as it is a relay contact, so you can connect whatever you want (within its electrical limits)

So it would be nice to have an magnetic contact either inside of opener (like Nuki lock) or better connectable external to get this state as well.