NUKI Opener digital intercom

Good morning everybody, I’m here asking for some help.
I bought NUKI opener the past year to manage my renting apartment and it worked well with the previous intercom (Urmet 1130).
Now the intercom has been switched to a Bticino Sprint L2 cod. 344232 and I don’t know how to cable the opener.
The wires are only two. Does anybody experimented the same issue?
How do I connect the opener wires?
Could you please help me?

I attach a photo of the internal.

Thank you very much

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Have a look at my blog post: Nuki Opener with an SCS bus intercom (bTicino 344212) (2020) - Michael Stapelberg

Fingers crossed that it works in your apartment! Nuki’s support is very basic, and in my house (and many others) it doesn’t work reliably. I had to solder my own micro controller to the bTicino unit and run the Nuki in Analog mode: Make your intercom smarter with an MQTT backpack (2021) - Michael Stapelberg

Hi Michael,
Just wanted to say that I’ve been checking this forum every month or so to see if they finally updated to work with these bticino models.
Your investigation is great I hope they include it.

What might be much easier though is simply to switch the bticino phone to another bticino product that works with your MFH Klingersystem/building ring system and the Nuki opener. There are a couple of options I think.

Thank you very much for your support @stapelberg. It seems very complicated to me, I don’t have the skills to make a set up as you did…I bought Nuki for its simplicity. I think I’ll switch to Amazon ring because it has compatibility with this Bticino.

@Jonathan you know other bticino product to install instead of my actual 344232 and get nuki opener compatibility?


The compatability checker says that the 313311 works with the Opener. Whether it works with your central ringer system I don’t know.