Nuki Opener: Different Smartlock ID in Bridge API compared to Web API

Retrieving the Nuki Opener from the Bridge API returns a different Smartlock ID compared to the Web API (retrieving from /smartlock).

For the Nuki Smartlock, both IDs are the same. Only the Nuki Opener is affected for me.

There are some differences how devices are handled with the Bridge API and the Web API. That’s why for the Bridge API we just had to add the deviceType while for the Web API we needed to use the deviceType also as a prefix for the HEX value-ID which is calculated into the DEC one to be 100% sure there can be no issue with not-unique IDs in any calls.

So e.g. for a Opener ID 1A2B3C4D we use 21A2B3C4D to get the DEC 9028975693.

I will see that this is added to the documentation as soon as possible.

Isn’t it possible to add the actual nukiId to the Web API as well only for the information purpose? I do understand that the smartlockId is necessary to have a unique identifier, but the nukiId would be helpful to easy match the entries in both APIs in any program.